Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quilt Market

Here are the highlights from the Quilt Market.

A quilt by Tula Pink.

Tula Pink and I.

This is me sitting in Anna Maria Horner's booth.  I did get a chance to have a conversation with her, but she was talking to others when we went back for a picture.

Amy Butler's booth.

Amy Butler and I.

Melody Miller in her booth with her cute designs.

And today at Urban Arts + Crafts, we hosted a book signing with the authors of One Yard Wonders, Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.  They were super nice and we all had a blast with them.

That's it for now, hopefully I will have some cute projects finished to post soon.  Until then, happy crafting!


FreshSunshine said...

I love all these lady's booths. they are so cute and bright and inviting. would be awesome for them to come decorate my house. great pic of you with the one yard wonder lady's too!

firstborn studio said...

fun! omgoodness i know you where immersed in your element!