Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surprise Trip!

I've been busy!!!  I took a visit to my home town to surprise my mom for her 60th Birthday.  It was eventful and I made sure to take plenty of Instagrams.

The flight.

After surprising my mom at her party (2 hours late thanks to my delayed flight), we went to this place.

I forgot how obnoxious the stamps are that they give you at these places. That is pretty much my whole wrist and half of my forearm :-)

Although not an Instagram, the best part of the night was when my 60 year old mother that had a few to drink, rode the mechanical bull.  It was fabulous!!!  The best part is the video, which I will spare her the World Wide Web of embarrassment... however... I will definitely be pulling that one out at any and all family functions!!!  

Ahhh, palm trees....  we don't have those in the Midwest.

Day 1. Mom's birthday brunch, just her and I.


Desert & The Strip!!!  Kinda miss the view sometimes.

The Orleans, I have to go here every time I am in town, which reminds of when I lived in New Orleans.

More Palms.

If you ever go to Las Vegas, you HAVE to eat here...  in the Orleans....  it's amazing!

They cook the food right at the bar!

Shrimp Scampi.

and steamed clams!!!

Sounds strange, but this reminds me of my childhood.

Day 2: I needed this.

Lunch here.

The California roll.

Then a quick trip to the Cosmopolitan.

This shop in the Cosmo was amazing.  

I was completely smitten with all of the sewing antiques-turned-fixtures. The clothes were cool too, but the antiques were WAY better!

Oh and this is the view from the store!

Thousands of antique sewing machines lined every exterior wall of the store...  this is looking out the window at the strip.

Seriously, how could you not LOVE this!!!

 Old gears as decor.

And this is a side plate on one of the machines!!!!

 Of course it was Cinco de Mayo, so I had to have a marg while watching the derby.

Day 3, had brunch with my family, didn't manage a picture.   Then off to visit my Gram. 

We just happened to drive by the house of my early childhood, had to snap a pic.

I HAD to pick up some of these!!! They are literally the best chocolates EVER!!!

And the cactus garden at the chocolate factory is amazing!!

That was pretty much it, I will be back in August, so hopefully I will have more pics to share then!!  Until next time, Blog World, happy Vegas-ing! 

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