Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Coop

We have chickens!!!  My BFF, Brad, and I decided to raise a few chickens this year to see if we could get a nice "crop" of eggs and it was only this week that we were able to determine which of them were hens and which were roosters.  Turns out that we have 2 of each!  Today we were able to settle on names!

This will be our full size rooster, we decided to call him Liza (the drag queen). However, I keep wanting to call him, Cher.

This is the Bantam rooster whom we decided to call Clay Aiken.

This is the Bantam hen and although I was tempted to call her Kathy Griffin, we all decided on Reba instead.

And this will be our full size hen, we went round and round with what we should call her... she is a bit of a diva.... the name had to fit.  So we decided on Martha Stewart, who keeps trying to escape from jail, the coop.  :-)

The chickens have been growing like weeds so this week was crunch time to get the coop built.  The hubbs (who happens to be the handiest person I know) just happened to be out of town this week for work so Brad and I were left to our own devices.  Brad is handy, but he's not my hubbs (no offense Brad), and me...  well, I am definitely a danger to myself and others when in the company of sharp objects or power tools.  So I thought, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we would never be able to pull this off.  Well, guess who was wrong!!!!  WOOHOO!  We finished it last night and the chickens are all cozy in their new house.   Now, keep in mind that our goal was to make a functional chicken coop and pen that cost us little to no money.  Which means that it isn't the prettiest coop ever made, but it is in fact functional!!!  Equipped with 2 large access doors and 3 nest doors to access the eggs.  We reused a dresser hutch, old tree branches and all of the wood that we could accumulate between the 2 of us.

Needless to say, we are feeling pretty tough today!!! And here is a "snapshot" of how the pictures turn out when a 6 year old is behind the camera :-)

This one happens to be my favorite from the bunch.

Until next time, happy coop building!!!


firstborn studio said...


i predict dozens of yummy eggs in your rock!

xo,denise from st.louis ;)

Cornflower Blue said...

Thanks, Denise from St. Louis :-) It was great to meet you the other day!