Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I wouldn't say that I am an avid embroiderer or anything, but I do like to embroider here and there.  Out of all the crafty things that I do, I find embroidery to be the most time consuming.  And that might not be very accurate, but it definitely seems more time consuming because it keeps both of my hands busy and I have to actually pay attention.  So watching my kids or TV while embroidering proves to be somewhat difficult...  as opposed to knitting, for example.

This Christmas, I decided to make a few embroidery projects.  1st up was a direct rip off :-)  I saw this image on Pinterest and tracked it back to this blog.  I instantly wanted to make this for my hubbs for Christmas. Not only was it cute, but we sell the exact Joel Dewberry fabric at work and it would look great on my upcoming "Woodland Creature" wall that I plan on making in my living room.  Here is the inspiration:

I didn't draw the heart on first, I just free-handed it... so it is a little lopsided (in my mind making it more authentic looking and definitely handmade).  And I also had to add in our middle initials, since we have the same 1st and last... it would look like my hubbs was crushing on himself :-)  I also bought a "woodland" themed frame that I actually had to paint and adjust the color to match better.  But it is pretty much a direct rip off.  (Click the links above and the pic to get to the original blog)

When I was buying the embroidery floss for this project, I got an idea to embroider a set of tea towels for my in-laws.  They have a "Cowboys & Indians" theme in their house, so I was going to mimic that in their towels.  These were iron-on embroidery patterns that I purchased, and I just used the colors that they suggested, since they matched the colors in my in-law's kitchen perfectly.  I ironed transfers onto 3 towels but I only completed 2 of those for their Christmas present and I ran out of time for the 3rd.  The last one will end up taking less time than the other two, and I plan on embroidering that one to give them soon.

Notice that the Sheriff is the Cowgirl and the Deputy is the Cowboy, I told my mother-in-law that I made it that way so that my father-in-law remembers who is boss :-)  hehe  I am knitting up a storm, more to come soon!

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Melanie said...

that all turned out great.... I HATE embroidery, when I made the kids stockings that was the worst part of it I thought... LOL The only way I can write words with embroidery is to use tracing paper, practice until I get my writing the way I want it and then embroider directly over the tissue paper (tearing it away when I am finished).... I cannot freehand worth a darn...so I think you did fantastic :)