Thursday, January 12, 2012


Here are a few scarves that I made this Christmas for my Mom.  They look a bit complicated, but really are the easiest scarves I have ever made!!  Both of them I got done in under and hour and they are both made with only one skein of yarn each.

This one is made out of a Trendsetter yarn called Improv.  The yarn literally does all the work for you, all you have to do is knit and you get an awesome ruffled scarf.  I used only one ball and cast on only 6 stitches.  The outside of the ruffles are gradient light gray to a medium gray.  The inside of the ruffles are gradient dark gray to black.  Super CUTE!

This one I crocheted but you can also knit it...  and basically you are just slipping stitches in order to gather one edge of the yarn.  Even if you aren't a crocheter or a knitter, you could totally pull this one off.  This is a brand new yarn from Berroco called Lacey.  There are free instructions on the Berroco website on how to make this scarf and the knitting and crochet instructions are also listed on the inside of the sleeve on the yarn skein.  The color way I used was Tea Rose, so it is an antique blush color.  This scarf definitely reminds me of the "Madonna-Like a Prayer" days, but I think that it could definitely work into any look.  This is a very new yarn and I am really excited to see the different ways that this will be incorporated in other projects.

Still working on some things and I have more to post.  My New Year's resolution was to clean at least 1 thing every day, to do at least 1 thing creative every day and to blog more.  So far, so good...  we shall see how long it lasts :-)


Erin Myone said...

Mine was to be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day... Sadly, I will admit it didn't last long I hurt myself two days in and had to wait a week for the pain to go away! So pathetic. But it looks like you are doing very well on yours!

Melanie said...

those scarves are fantastic :) Its getting really hard for me not to hate you for your talent alone lol

Cornflower Blue said...

Melanie, I can teach you!!! These 2 are surprisingly very easy!!