Thursday, January 12, 2012

A few quick things

With all of this talk about New Year's resolutions, I would like to share one that I made a year or two back that I have surprisingly stuck with.  My resolution was to try to be more 'green' and more environmentally friendly.  And now, I make a conscious effort regularly to consume less and to reuse and recycle as much as possible.  Directly after making this resolution, I ran into a sale at Target for fun kitchen towels that just so happen to match my kitchen.  I stocked up and now we not only use them as standard kitchen towels, but also everyday cloth napkins.  When I was a kid, cloth napkins were only used with the good china so we regularly used either paper napkins or paper towels.   I'm not exactly sure how much waste I have saved in the last year, but if you consider that there are 4 of us using napkins at least at dinner, sometimes at other meals, everyday... for 1 year+.... it really adds up, 1460 napkins+.

On another topic, the forecast today says sunny with no precipitation.  It is cloudy and snowing :-)  A perfect setting for one of my favorite treats!!!

As you can see, I LOVE playing with the photo apps on my phone.  I love Hipstamatic and I am currently obsessed with Instagram...  what are your favorite photo apps?

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Boo Hazard said...

i've been seeing ppl use both those photo apps but i have yet to cave! they seem pretty addictive! Love ur new hair btw! :) - Boo