Monday, January 9, 2012

Owl Hat

Up next is the owl hat that I crocheted for my niece, Chloe.  I have to confess that I completely ripped this one off.  I originally saw the picture on Pinterest and I instantly LOVED everything about the hat. Here is the inspiration (click on pic for link):
The best part is that I had the exact colors of yarn in my yarn stash.  I used a free pattern for a basic crocheted ear flap hat in the size that I needed from Ravelry (which was much bigger than the inspiration hat that is an infant size).   I changed colors in approximately the same place as the inspiration hat and I made up and crocheted the embellishments.  I think it turned out great!
 And just as I did with her brother's hat, I embroidered a name tag on the inside.
I made it a touch too big so that she had some room to grow.
And here she is modeling her new hat with her "Diva" pose :-)
Still more Christmas gifts coming... plus this is the BEST time of the year to score some major deals on clothing, so I will also be sharing my bargain hunting soon :-)


cass said...

that's so cute, i've been making the sock monkey ones!!!

Jenny said...

So adorable!

Melanie said...

that hat is adorable!!!

Cornflower Blue said...

Thanks, Cass. I think I saw one of your sock monkey hats on Penelope in one of your pictures :-) Super cute!!!

Jenny, aren't you supposed to be feeding the sharks in HI?

Thanks, Melanie!

Erin Myone said...

Awesome hat, I want one! You'll have to size it up for me of course.

Cornflower Blue said...

:-) I can do that