Friday, January 13, 2012


My girl, Jessica, made the cutest scarf a while back.... one look and I was swooning.  So I bought a ton of the same yarn (in different color ways) and made 4 scarves for 4 different people for Christmas.  This is a really easy crochet pattern and doesn't take a long time to make, the best part is that she has posted a FREE PATTERN on her blog!!!! Click here to get it.   The yarn used is Manos Del Uruguay and it is divine!!  It is a blend of Fine Merino Wool and Silk that is hand/kettle dyed.  I absolutely LOVE this yarn.  (In KC you can purchase at Urban Arts + Crafts).

The 1st scarf that I made (surprisingly) was for myself.  I picked the Spumoni color way with pinks and browns and I sewed on 5 different vintage buttons.  The part that I love the most about this pattern is that there is no need to create button holes when you are crocheting.  Because of the open stitch pattern, you can button anywhere on the scarf... which is really fun to play with all the different ways to wear it.

Then I made 3 more :-)  This one is the exact same scarf but, the yarn is in a different color way (mostly browns and blues) and I used matching buttons that bought to match the scarf.

The last 2 scarves were in the same color way with dark pinks, dark blues, blacks and browns.  I picked this one specifically for my son's teacher.  I don't know her well and I have no idea what color her coat is....  I was confidant that this color way would match whatever color coat she had.  I also made this for the hub's cousin...  I have a pretty good handle on her overall style but it was still nice to give her something that she could wear with anything.  I have started to collect vintage buttons for projects like these and I was able to get all of the buttons for each from my stash.  

This is definitely my new "go-to" gift!!!  Usually when I make multiples of the same item, I get really bored and burnt out, but with this scarf...... I am still excited to make more :-)

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